Read In Chronological Order:

BOOK I : Wanderings

Chapter 1: Sudo auth; alpha 6 tango 723 oscar mike

Chapter 2: A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for

Chapter 3: Narrow the probe fly’s that gets the signature

Chapter 4: When they say space is quiet: Lies, damn lies

Chapter 5: The Hydro-static Gel had a chill to it

Chapter 6: Finding Herself

Chapter 7: Solitude was healing for the soul

Chapter 8: The Sword: The Blade

Chapter 9: Thera Or Bust

Chapter 10: Gone

Chapter 11: Knock, Breath

Chapter 12: To Everything There Is

Chapter 13: Hot Quafe, Cold Hearted

Chapter 14: The Spark, Reni Brahk

Chapter 15: A Sombre Coquetry Of Death

Chapter 16: Tristan Override; Location Agent

Chapter 17: Jason Kepler; Location Agent

Chapter 18: Katie Override; Wormhole PI

Chapter 19: The First Sated Blade – Heosphorous

Chapter 20: The Tale of Palman the Thukker

Chapter 21: How To Catch A Villainous Krusual Bitch

Chapter 22: Redemption


Two Year Signal-versary


More Zombies


Chapter 23: Finding Herself – Part II


The Bill



BOOK II : Untitled

Chapter 1: Common Problems, Uncommon

Chapter 2: Ch’ali

Chapter 3: The Tall One

Chapter 4: A New Turn Of Events

Chapter 5: Vessel For Pain, Vessel For Comfort

Chapter 6: In The End



BOOK III : Omega

Chapter 1: Everything Lost

Chapter II: Today



BOOK IV : Theta

Chapter 1: The Pod Gel Is Cold