The pod gel is cold…

/sudo open terminal.cmd
/cd: \system\64\hyperbypass
/run: transcode transmi
/transmission 0467.436.74.43g
/#freq. 2410.54 a-72
/begin transmission

None shall stand higher than you save the Sefrim,
Who serve Me as others shall serve you,
For all things under Me serve one higher;
So Amarr shall rule the worlds of the Heavens.
~ The Ammarian Scriptures
~ Book of Reclaiming 3.20


/#freq. 2410.54 a-72
/personal misive
/begin transmission

The pod gel is cold. I haven’t been in Thera in months.
Life in a null sec planet is quiet as the universe burns with war and strife.
I am taking leave of my Cartel responsibilities.
[Redacted] will be taking proprietorship of the Scan Club,
and I have full confidence in [Redacted] stewardship.
I will often think of you all as you continue providing the invaluable services to New Eden.
My official leave will commence toward the end of the month,
at which time I will withdraw from the corporation, and from the online forum.
After a season of self reflection and betterment,
I will reconsider my membership status with the Cartel.

Peace and may his Love be Perpetual.
~ System Baud


/#freq. 2410.54 a-72
/sacred misive
/begin transmission

“The Wrath of God is Immense.
His Justice is Swift and Decisive.
His Tolerance is Limited.
Be Careful.
Pure Thought is the Instigator of Sin.
Be Watchful.
Free Thought is the Begetter of Disorder.
Be Respectful.
Uniform Thought is the Way of Life.
The Mercy of our Emperor is Limitless.
His Rule is Benign and Righteous.
His Love is Perpetual.”
~ The Ammarian Scriptures
~ Book I

/end transcode transmi
/end transmission 0467.436.74.43g
/sudo end terminal.cmd



System awoke.

She found herself laying naked where she had passed out, on the metal grate alongside her pod.   She picked herself off and walked up to the lounge living area of the capsule dock.

A quick refresh washed away the dried pod gel and reinvigorated her sore body.

She pulled on a woolly jumper and crashed on the recliner.  Dropping 3 ml of Sleep Tight™ she set the light level to 2% and fell fast asleep.

Her dreams were soft and vague, the best kind when one is trying to forget, but alas she awoke and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

She swung her feet out of bed hoping the momentum would carry her to standing, but it did not.  She sat there feeling sorry for herself for a few minutes, but then  a spark of something fluttered into her mind.

She paused, and focused, and thought about the idea for a few minutes before setting a resolute force into motion.

But before she started she would need some Stim™ to get her going.

She reached for it and then thought again… ‘New start, New ways.’ and set the Stim™ pack down.

She changed into sweat pants and a Can’t Stop The Signal tee-shirt and started a vigorous run around the docking ring access channel.

Her body was sore but soon the endorphins kicked in and she started to feel right and level.

78 minutes later she arrived back at her lounge and finished her workout with some light stretching.

A fresher, some fruit, and a change of clothing, and she was ready.

“Control, please schedule a departure for 00:30 tomorrow.” her mind thought into the coms app.

“Yes, will do Capsuleer Baud,” came the quick reply. “Will you be departing in a specific ship?”

“No, just my pod,” wow… she had not said that in a long time.

She abruptly severed the com and brought up the Galaxy-Net and thought out the commands;

/ROIR-Y II Sisters of EVE Bureau
/load info
/parameters a; g; 7; 2gy.4
/feed info into
/neural cortex: Baud, System
/query vessel Genolution 197 variant pod
/location: capsuleer quarters Baud alpha juliet tango 5
/download Pod local history logs
/feed info into
/neural cortex: Baud, System

“That should do it,” she thought, “Now to contact some old friends.

/open com portal
/initiate call
/search for Tristan Overide

System wasn’t going to ask for any ISK from her old friends. Info, which was more valuable, would suffice.

“Hello darling,” the voice chimed in.

“Hiya Tristan, how are….” she was cut off.

“If you are getting this message I am away from my coms having a great time…  Leave a message baby,”  the chirpy voice intoned.


‘Oh Tristan,’ thought System, ‘You always have a great time.’

System sat down on the lounge and pondered her future.

She remembered her first pod, her first probing ship…  back then the universe was wide open.  How did it become so small, and dull, and ordinary?  She loved the resurgence of those early days feelings.  She had forgotten how much potential was in being free to set one’s own path.

Here she was, looking at the bright side of a grand theft.

Optimism was an opiate, especially if it is honest.

System was honest.

System was optimistic.

Today was the first best day of the rest of eternity.

Today was a good day.

Today begins now.

Everything Lost

It’s gone.


The ships, fittings, PLEX … the accounts are all empty.

Every single ISK is missing.

System brought up the Finance app… `Total Net Worth 0.00 ISK` blinks harshly on the screen in her mind.


She is in her pod.

She feels fear deep in her chest, welling up, gushing over her soul.

She had been robbed, or someone was playing a massive prank.

She quickly brings up her asset listing… mockingly there are only two entries; a Genolution 197 Variant Pod in ROIR-Y II – Sisters of EVE Bureau, and an identical one sitting in Zoohen III – TCT, the station she was currently docked in.


Hundreds of ships, modules, station containers are all gone. The loss is nearly 50 billion ISK, and nearly 5 years of toil.

Quickly scanning the transactions she sees row after row of contracts, all made out to a Mr. Wu Zuang, ending with the liquidation of her ISK on hand… then just a blinking 0 ISK balance.


She looks Mr. Wu Zuang up on the zboards directory. His first clone was born after the last cash transaction was made.

“How is that possible?” she thought.

Wu Zuang

The bio identifiers shows she created the contracts, dozens of them, but she has no memory of doing any of them.

She checked her secure isolated memory core, and there is no records of any of these transactions being action-ed by herself, but the bank says she did.

The walls of the capsule suddenly encroach, crushing, smothering her mind, tingling, racing.

She quickly un-buttons the capsule and falls out onto the ramp, pod gel gushing all over the steel structure. Yanking out the breathing tube from her mouth, she gasped for air as panic creeps into her spirit.

Everything begins spinning, her eyes grow dim, and as she sinks into unconsciousness a few more thoughts materialize in her slagging mind.

I am finished.

I am ruined.

I am undone.

In the end it was langua, hubris, and the inability to love.


The text was mystical in its rudimentary font, scripted by sentient hands.

The relic find was amazing in its simplistic verse. It was foreboding in ambiance.

System had recovered the metallic tablets from the floating debris of the mysterious monument floating in the large debris field that apparently was the remnant of some planet.

She was so intrigued by its script, that she spent nearly 18 hours translating it.

Three database searches, learning two archaic languages, and 7 hours of comms chatter with 36 “experts” in linguistics finally revealed it’s ancient wisdom.

She felt both proud of her accomplishments, but a great sadness engulfed her when she read the text in it full recovered meaning.

In Amarrian the transcribe read as follows:

“In the end it was langua and how they deferentially defined certain words that destroyed themselves.  The hubris of ego and their inability to accept and love one another, no matter the differences of understanding, brought about the demise of freedom and their civilization, and ultimately their existence.

“It was in their differences they had strength.  It was in their willingness to admit humbly that their strongholds of knowledge may be in error that they would find the truth of existence.  But they had none of it because their arrogance demanded strict hatred of those that thought of life from a different perspective.

“Is there pure truth and pure knowledge that does not lead to arrogance?

“Arrogance so short-sighted that it could not even see it’s self as arrogance and only saw others as ignorant and foolish.

“They could have reached the stars and beyond, but for they fought over whether things seen and measured were all that there was or whether there were thing yet unknown that hinted at existence being so much more than what could be seen.

“In the end they were all different and that was what made them strong, but they only saw the difference in each other as a weakness and so they never discovered , they never left their insignificant speck of dust.

“For nineteen years we survived in the destruction.  We held fast to life, but there was now no meaning, no hope for tomorrow.  Why did we continue living in existence with no meaning.

“It would have been better to have died in the self-induced apocalypse than to continue to suffer and breath with no reason left to live, no planet, no brooks, no seasons, no home, no world, no more.


The last word hung as a poetic nuance… questioning everything.

So much loss.

She packed carefully the original relic into containment box and sealed it with a uni-code cyber-crypt pass-code.

In the contents description she simply noted:

H38.346.92 Def catagory: Civi. Knowledge Wisd, uni-heed, society demise propagation.  Sub data complex: Ardu Megna Prime, orbital debris field, third planet from Star. 1AU

Vessel for Pain, Vessel for Comfort.


System picked up her Hurdy Gurdy and began spinning the drones.  The tones stretched forth from the ancient wooded body.  Rosin and fibre stretched and taunt, set to vibrating frequencies – their tones filling the chamber.

The song was sad and disconsolate.

She had taken to “Gurdy” therapy as a way to manifest her darkest and most sorrowful emotions since her parents passing.

She found it allowed her, in her privacy, to release those emotions – through its tones, ultimately a dulcet wave of consolation would sooth her mental woe.

She also found that the Gurdy was a harmonic to the hum of her Occator’s engines, which made it as much a part of the cloaked vessel as she was, inside or out of the capsule pod.

When the morose sonnet finished she gentle set the arcane instrument into its cradle and then she turned to leave the chamber.

She paused.

Reflecting for a moment back to the memory of her father’s warm hand holding hers, and she smiled.

The Gurdy would hold the pain and she would hold the fond.

A New Turn Of Events


Jason reach again for the next Skill Book Node, “Anchoring” – the word emblazoned across the small cylinder spoke of new potential.

The box held sixteen other such small metallic cylinders; Structure Engineering Systems, Structure Electronic Systems, to name a few… along with various Production and Industry skills such as; Advanced Industry, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Procurement, and Accounting were all contained within the tiny wooden vault.

He had saved up for several months every single Kredit he could manage to acquire and spent it on the contents of the box.

He gently held “Anchoring” to the back of his neck and with a snick of metallic contact, slide it into his CIP [Cerebral Induction Port].

He had to close his eyes and briefly hold his breath as the flood of information began pouring into his mind.

After a few seconds the data was safe in his head, he twisted the cylinder and slid it out of the CIP.

It would take exponential expanding time sets to fully absorb all five tiers of data; first thirty minutes, then three hours, then twenty-one hours, and so forth.

This new venture was going to be interesting for sure.  Chief Executive Station Manager of Raitaru {Redacted}, {Redacted}, in System {Redacted} near the {Redacted} region.

He reached for another Skill Book Node, applying it in the same manner.  By the time he had packed every bit of information held in the small oak box into his mind he felt exhausted.

He stood up from his seat and walked over to the fresher.

Ten minutes later he stepped out of the fresher dripping wet, a cloth towel wrapped around his waist.  He poured himself a small tumbler of Quafe and mixed in some Spirits he had picked up from the Heishien market on Ceres V.

Just as he began to sit back down, the comm squawked.

Reluctantly he answered, “Yes, what is it?”

“Uhm Mr. Troyserby, just letting you know, uhm… your benefactor Ms. Winsley has instructed me to send over by Haste Courier four large Skill Injectors,” the raspy voice stated.

“Thank you and Goodbye,” Jason curtly replied.

‘Injectors?’ he thought to himself.  He had heard of such things and how addictive they were, and four of them…  that was a fortune of Kredit in the billions.

He looked down at the console as a message appeared on it quietly chiming for his attention.

It read:


Dear Mr. Troyserby,

I am sending you Skill Injectors for your immediate use.  We are moving up the deployment period to just forty-eight hours from now.

I trust you have acquired the correct skills for the initial deployment and setup of the Raitaru as well as its ongoing management.

My business partners and I would like to take possession of the Raitaru and spin up production and manufacturing facilities within the week.

Research Labs will also be installed next month.

Looking forward to meeting you in person next week.

~ Ms. Winsley (and company)


Jason sipped his Quafe and spirits and excitedly thought of how different his life would become over the next few weeks.

He then set down the tumbler and lay his head back drifting off to sleep.

As he closed his eyes, his last thoughts were of how attractive his new Station PA might be, then he slid into a deep slumber.

The Tall One


Ch’ali stirred from his slumber.

He stood on his four legs arching his back, his spine flexing.

With a little shake he stretched out his front paws dipping his head and shoulders down, straightening his spine and flexing his tail.

He then pulled his hind legs under himself sitting and begun the cleaning ritual his mother had taught him when he was a cub.

After about 10 minutes of acrobatic poses intermixed with licking and combing of his fur Ch’ali was ready to take on the day.

Looking around he surveyed his domain.

The tall one that fed him and provided extra heat was standing at a panel that was adorned with lights and images.  As usually she had shed her fur.

Ch’ali did not understand why the tall ones shed their furs so much.  He had investigated her fur the first time she had shed it, sniffing and marking his scent on it so she would know who the Alpha was.  He had decided it must be normal behavior for her.

Her fur was not soft, nor lose, but appeared to be tightly interwoven within itself.  She sometimes would pull her fur back onto her body.  The whole thing was quite strange.

Ch’ali’s fur only came off in small bits when he cleaned himself.  He once tried to put his fur “back on”, but alas… it never felt the same.

The tall one purred and meowed out a melodic tone of song.’

He recognized his title amongst the song and his designator as well.  It warmed his heart that she had the gratitude of his being and the politeness of his order to so correctly address his position.

He sauntered over to her hind legs and rubbed his chin against them remarking his scent.

She was one of his family and she had to be constantly remarked as she thoroughly cleaned herself every 15 hours or so.  It was infuriating that he had to remark her so often.  How else would anyone know who she belonged to.

He purred and squeaked the commands that triggered the tall one to prepare his morning food.

The food was sufficient.

Although the tall one never let him kill his own food, which he missed, she was able to remove it from it’s protective shell.

He had grown accustomed to it.

He had not sensed any prey in this domicile.

She was definitely an adept hunter, removing and somehow preserving all the prey into those small grey hard shells.

He sniffed and tasted the prey.  It was indeed dead, and the freshness of blood and flesh had been removed.  He sat and looked up at the tall one and let out a long query.

She addressed him by his title and designation.

He queried again, then sniffed the plate and turned around in circles in the dance that signified he requested she obey his query.

She ignored him.

Then another song, this one cold and disembodied rang out.

Ch’ali sensed the tall one stiffen, her pheromones changing instantly.  She was now alert and ready to hunt.

Ch’ali’s heart increased its beating, he tensed and listened, he quickly started to look for prey, trying to find a new odour amongst the familiar.

The tall one sung out to the disembodied melody and then turned and sprinted across the room to the egg.

She climbed into the egg and disappeared as it swallowed her whole.

The first time he had seen her eaten by the egg it had terrified him.  But after she had emerged unharmed he understood she was in command of the egg and it would not permanently consume her.

Ch’ali sat back down at the dead prey meal and begrudgingly consumed it.

He would have to hunt the elusive melody that called to him yesterday.

He would find it and silence it today.

Today he would hunt.



Sector Cache arose from her slumber. This clone had lasted longer than any of the previous.

Stuck in this Wolf Rayett, this clone might actually die of old age.

The quiet solitude of a C13 Wolf Rayet was deafening and eternally boring to an immortal capsuleer.

What is a Wolf Rayett you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Wolf Rayett Stars are a rare heterogeneous set of stars with unusual spectra showing prominent broad emission lines of highly ionized helium and nitrogen or carbon. The spectra indicate very high surface enhancement of heavy elements, depletion of hydrogen, and strong stellar winds. Their surface temperatures range from 30,000 K to around 200,000 K, hotter than almost all other stars.

Classic Wolf Rayet stars are evolved, massive stars that have completely lost their outer hydrogen and are fusing helium or heavier elements in the core. WR stars show hydrogen lines in their spectra and are known as WNh stars; they are young extremely massive stars still fusing hydrogen at the core, with helium and nitrogen exposed at the surface by strong mixing and radiation-driven mass loss. A separate group of stars with WR spectra are the central stars of planetary nebulae (CSPNe), post Asymptotic Giant Branch stars that were similar to the Star of old, Sol while on the main sequence, but have now ceased fusion and shed their atmospheres to reveal a bare carbon-oxygen core.

All Wolf Rayet stars are highly luminous objects due to their high temperatures—thousands of times the bolo-metric luminosity of the Star (L☉) for the CSPNe, hundreds of thousands L☉ for the Population I WR stars, to over a million L☉ for the WNh stars—although not exceptionally bright visually since most of their radiation output is in the ultraviolet.

The naked-eye stars Gamma Velorum and Theta Muscae, as well as the most massive known star, R136a1 in 30 Doradus, are all Wolf Rayet stars as well as many of the stars found in Shattered wormhole systems also known as J systems.

Shattered systems differ from other wormhole systems in various ways, and fall into two general categories, with the one notable exception, Thera. Because they have no moons, it is not possible to anchor a POS or Citadel in them, and so living in them is even more difficult than living in normal wormholes.

There are only seventy five standard shattered wormhole systems.

Twenty five of the shattered wormhole systems are known as “Small Ship Holes” or  C13s.  They inherit all the features of the standard shattered systems, although capsuleers have reported that C13’s had an interesting effect on their ships.

They reported increased densities of their armor plates by a factor of two and an increase destructive power of their weapon systems by a factor of four. Captains have also noted that their signature appear to “Bloom” in C13s and their shields resists were also negatively effected.

Sector’s Heron was operating nominally, and the ECCM scrips she had picked up in Jita right before all that “Burning” nonsense had begun were humming away quietly in her SEE-BOs keeping the vessel safe from being scanned down.

The Fendahlian Collective knew what they were doing as her vessel had the signature of a can, and one would have to stumble onto it blindly, a once in 72.946 billionth chance.

Sector had brought all kinds of diversions with her as she knew this would be a long solo expedition.

She was alone on her Heron without a crew, something she had never done before.

It meant she had a lot of maintenance out side of her pod to do, which was a great risk.

She had narrowed down the risk window to 57 seconds, the time it took her to sprint naked from the furthest accessible point on the vessel to her pod and to “jack” in to the security of immortality.

She was alone… but there was one other life form aboard with her.

His name was Ch’ali.

He was 28 centimeter tall and 98 centimeters long, if you counted his tail. He was two and a half years old.

Sector had bought him from an animal merchant that said his species of feline were a great comfort to captains on long quiet voyages.

Two scratches on her leg and four across her left arm said differently, but after three days of wariness, Ch’ali had finally warmed up to her, often curling up at her feet while she reclined outside her pod reading.

The aloofness but spontaneity of the feline intrigued and delighted Sector in ways she never thought she would be.

In the end, Ch’ali turned out to be affectionate and sociable, but only when he wanted to be. He wasn’t anyone’s pet, and always approached Sector on his own terms.

“Captain,” Auras voice interrupted, “There is a vessel on D-Scan. 14.175 AU and closing.”

Sector leaped up and sprinted over to the Pod.

Finally, she thought, something interesting to do.

“Aura, Initiate warp to safe 2392.324.”

‘Snick, Snick’ the plugs snapped into her spine as she submerged into the warm goo.

Here we go.

Here we go again.

Common Problems, Uncommon


“IF you want a treat,
if you’ve earned a treat,
if you have to treat yo self…
Get Treaties Treat Snacks Treat Cakes Now!!

Numa Numa,
Duma Yuma,
Simple Bojah,

The obnoxious music blasted through the Kitsune’s Hull at 92 decibels.

“Aura,” System shouted in her mind, “Cancel current audio from ship wide coms!”

The music ended abruptly.

Infuriated, System had not only heard the song play through the coms speakers, but also had it blasted directly into her mind.

“Computer, who authorized the ship wide coms?”

“The meta script in data file 3029.kfd9…” the computer replied.

“Why did the filtering protocol not filter out that script?” System replied.

“Captain, there is a redundant error in the core mainframe S.P.A. Meta filters. I am currently attempting to repair the integrity.”

Aura was then silent.

This was so embarrassing.

System had taken on a physical body of crew for the first time.

Too many things were going wrong, too many mistakes. Each of them seemed to be more and more embarrassing than the last. It was starting to feel personal.

“Aura set align for Station VIII, Akkilen, Sisters of Eve Bureau, and initiate warp. Call ahead and prep docking protocols,” System commanded the AI program.

She then opened a private console and ordered up the voice coms connect to the Sisters station.

“Station VIII switchboard program Greta Mark V here. How may I help you capsuleer?” the attendant program responded.

“Greta, please connect me with Jita IV IV, capsuleer quarter 17b 384 c5, Authorization: Baud Victor 9 Kilo 726 Charlie.”

The tone beeped quietly as the connection was being made.

Systems mind drifted, ‘There was usually not time for the mind to drift, until there was too much time for the mind to drift,’ she thought.

Then her mind lingered on her old friend Jason, she wondered how he was these days, she would have to drop in on him, next time she was near… the coms program interrupted, “Capsuleer, there is no response from your connect. Would you like to leave a message?”

“Yes, Greta.  Commence Message. Fernando my old friend, how are you? Well, I don’t know why I asked that… this is a message and I don’t really expect an answer, since this is an audio recording… ” her voice faltered for a moment, oh how she hated leaving messages. “Uhm, remember the incident on Tzvi VI?  Well I’m calling in that favour.  I need a Warrant Officer Grade Boatswain’s Mates.  I need someone I can trust to take care of all the problems of taking on a new crew, a new vessel, and all the problems accoutrement.  I don’t lose ships very often so maybe what I need is a very good agency that can provide me such high calibre well trained Officers that can intercept and deal with all the day to day issues. Fern, I need your help.  You know me I am not a tough captain, and I suffer for that. I need someone that can be tough for me.  I prefer someone that can be quartered and assigned directly to me, one who travels with me following whatever ship I am on.  Ok, well… I don’t know how to end these calls so,” and she then just pushed the disconnect button from the record.

“Ok Greta, leave that message for Fernando.”

System logged off the private console and internally sighed a sigh of relief.

It was short lived.

“Captain,” Aura spoke into her mind again, “There is a fire on C Deck and auto suppression system is not responding, the auto dock protocols are also, although not related, unresponsive and dock control is waiting for your reply to confirm if we want to dock. Also there are 23 urgent command requests from 6 different ship department coordinators waiting for your response.”

The tension was back in her neck.

Fernando had better come through for her this time.

She did not think she could put up with this much longer.

“Captain, your vitals show you are conscience. Please reply… Captain?”


System wonder how long her silence could be sustained.