System is an immortal capsuleer pilot.

She is a line member, in good standing,
of the Eve Scout Enclave and fly’s under
the Signal Cartel Corporation.

Clone State Age: 37
Height: 175cm
Weight: 60kg
Bloodline: Amarr
Pilot License: 84624176GJ806FUT5877 Sub Capital Class Only


……….. PROBES OUT ……….. ~!!~ ……….. We Come In Peace ………..


New Eden’s premier home for peaceful explorers.

Public chat: EvE-Scout

All Signal Cartel members are bound by a Credo
of friendship, respect, and neutrality.

Our members may not initiate aggression against
other capsuleers.


Personal Accolades:

Every system in New Eden Visited

~ Completed Dec2015



The Voyager Star of Distinction
Awarded to those who have completed notable documented
and verifiable tours or expeditions in New Eden at any time
during their capsuleer career.

Upwell Citadel Research Expeditioner

For participation in Signal Cartel’s Upwell Research Race Swarm Fleets

Upwell Citadel Research Pathfinder

For your valuable contribution to the Upwell Research Race
and support of our corp initiative.

Upwell Citadel Research Signal Light

Top 10 Contributor to Signal Cartel’s Upwell Research Race

EVE’s Amazing Race – Season 1
Successful completion of EVE’s Amazing Race Season 1

Winner – EVE’s Amazing Race – Season 1

This player won the first season of EVE’s Amazing Race.