Everything Lost

It’s gone.


The ships, fittings, PLEX … the accounts are all empty.

Every single ISK is missing.

System brought up the Finance app… `Total Net Worth 0.00 ISK` blinks harshly on the screen in her mind.


She is in her pod.

She feels fear deep in her chest, welling up, gushing over her soul.

She had been robbed, or someone was playing a massive prank.

She quickly brings up her asset listing… mockingly there are only two entries; a Genolution 197 Variant Pod in ROIR-Y II – Sisters of EVE Bureau, and an identical one sitting in Zoohen III – TCT, the station she was currently docked in.


Hundreds of ships, modules, station containers are all gone. The loss is nearly 50 billion ISK, and nearly 5 years of toil.

Quickly scanning the transactions she sees row after row of contracts, all made out to a Mr. Wu Zuang, ending with the liquidation of her ISK on hand… then just a blinking 0 ISK balance.


She looks Mr. Wu Zuang up on the zboards directory. His first clone was born after the last cash transaction was made.

“How is that possible?” she thought.

Wu Zuang

The bio identifiers shows she created the contracts, dozens of them, but she has no memory of doing any of them.

She checked her secure isolated memory core, and there is no records of any of these transactions being action-ed by herself, but the bank says she did.

The walls of the capsule suddenly encroach, crushing, smothering her mind, tingling, racing.

She quickly un-buttons the capsule and falls out onto the ramp, pod gel gushing all over the steel structure. Yanking out the breathing tube from her mouth, she gasped for air as panic creeps into her spirit.

Everything begins spinning, her eyes grow dim, and as she sinks into unconsciousness a few more thoughts materialize in her slagging mind.

I am finished.

I am ruined.

I am undone.

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