In the end it was langua, hubris, and the inability to love.


The text was mystical in its rudimentary font, scripted by sentient hands.

The relic find was amazing in its simplistic verse. It was foreboding in ambiance.

System had recovered the metallic tablets from the floating debris of the mysterious monument floating in the large debris field that apparently was the remnant of some planet.

She was so intrigued by its script, that she spent nearly 18 hours translating it.

Three database searches, learning two archaic languages, and 7 hours of comms chatter with 36 “experts” in linguistics finally revealed it’s ancient wisdom.

She felt both proud of her accomplishments, but a great sadness engulfed her when she read the text in it full recovered meaning.

In Amarrian the transcribe read as follows:

“In the end it was langua and how they deferentially defined certain words that destroyed themselves.  The hubris of ego and their inability to accept and love one another, no matter the differences of understanding, brought about the demise of freedom and their civilization, and ultimately their existence.

“It was in their differences they had strength.  It was in their willingness to admit humbly that their strongholds of knowledge may be in error that they would find the truth of existence.  But they had none of it because their arrogance demanded strict hatred of those that thought of life from a different perspective.

“Is there pure truth and pure knowledge that does not lead to arrogance?

“Arrogance so short-sighted that it could not even see it’s self as arrogance and only saw others as ignorant and foolish.

“They could have reached the stars and beyond, but for they fought over whether things seen and measured were all that there was or whether there were thing yet unknown that hinted at existence being so much more than what could be seen.

“In the end they were all different and that was what made them strong, but they only saw the difference in each other as a weakness and so they never discovered , they never left their insignificant speck of dust.

“For nineteen years we survived in the destruction.  We held fast to life, but there was now no meaning, no hope for tomorrow.  Why did we continue living in existence with no meaning.

“It would have been better to have died in the self-induced apocalypse than to continue to suffer and breath with no reason left to live, no planet, no brooks, no seasons, no home, no world, no more.


The last word hung as a poetic nuance… questioning everything.

So much loss.

She packed carefully the original relic into containment box and sealed it with a uni-code cyber-crypt pass-code.

In the contents description she simply noted:

H38.346.92 Def catagory: Civi. Knowledge Wisd, uni-heed, society demise propagation.  Sub data complex: Ardu Megna Prime, orbital debris field, third planet from Star. 1AU