Vessel for Pain, Vessel for Comfort.


System picked up her Hurdy Gurdy and began spinning the drones.  The tones stretched forth from the ancient wooded body.  Rosin and fibre stretched and taunt, set to vibrating frequencies – their tones filling the chamber.

The song was sad and disconsolate.

She had taken to “Gurdy” therapy as a way to manifest her darkest and most sorrowful emotions since her parents passing.

She found it allowed her, in her privacy, to release those emotions – through its tones, ultimately a dulcet wave of consolation would sooth her mental woe.

She also found that the Gurdy was a harmonic to the hum of her Occator’s engines, which made it as much a part of the cloaked vessel as she was, inside or out of the capsule pod.

When the morose sonnet finished she gentle set the arcane instrument into its cradle and then she turned to leave the chamber.

She paused.

Reflecting for a moment back to the memory of her father’s warm hand holding hers, and she smiled.

The Gurdy would hold the pain and she would hold the fond.