A New Turn Of Events


Jason reach again for the next Skill Book Node, “Anchoring” – the word emblazoned across the small cylinder spoke of new potential.

The box held sixteen other such small metallic cylinders; Structure Engineering Systems, Structure Electronic Systems, to name a few… along with various Production and Industry skills such as; Advanced Industry, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Procurement, and Accounting were all contained within the tiny wooden vault.

He had saved up for several months every single Kredit he could manage to acquire and spent it on the contents of the box.

He gently held “Anchoring” to the back of his neck and with a snick of metallic contact, slide it into his CIP [Cerebral Induction Port].

He had to close his eyes and briefly hold his breath as the flood of information began pouring into his mind.

After a few seconds the data was safe in his head, he twisted the cylinder and slid it out of the CIP.

It would take exponential expanding time sets to fully absorb all five tiers of data; first thirty minutes, then three hours, then twenty-one hours, and so forth.

This new venture was going to be interesting for sure.  Chief Executive Station Manager of Raitaru {Redacted}, {Redacted}, in System {Redacted} near the {Redacted} region.

He reached for another Skill Book Node, applying it in the same manner.  By the time he had packed every bit of information held in the small oak box into his mind he felt exhausted.

He stood up from his seat and walked over to the fresher.

Ten minutes later he stepped out of the fresher dripping wet, a cloth towel wrapped around his waist.  He poured himself a small tumbler of Quafe and mixed in some Spirits he had picked up from the Heishien market on Ceres V.

Just as he began to sit back down, the comm squawked.

Reluctantly he answered, “Yes, what is it?”

“Uhm Mr. Troyserby, just letting you know, uhm… your benefactor Ms. Winsley has instructed me to send over by Haste Courier four large Skill Injectors,” the raspy voice stated.

“Thank you and Goodbye,” Jason curtly replied.

‘Injectors?’ he thought to himself.  He had heard of such things and how addictive they were, and four of them…  that was a fortune of Kredit in the billions.

He looked down at the console as a message appeared on it quietly chiming for his attention.

It read:


Dear Mr. Troyserby,

I am sending you Skill Injectors for your immediate use.  We are moving up the deployment period to just forty-eight hours from now.

I trust you have acquired the correct skills for the initial deployment and setup of the Raitaru as well as its ongoing management.

My business partners and I would like to take possession of the Raitaru and spin up production and manufacturing facilities within the week.

Research Labs will also be installed next month.

Looking forward to meeting you in person next week.

~ Ms. Winsley (and company)


Jason sipped his Quafe and spirits and excitedly thought of how different his life would become over the next few weeks.

He then set down the tumbler and lay his head back drifting off to sleep.

As he closed his eyes, his last thoughts were of how attractive his new Station PA might be, then he slid into a deep slumber.