Finding Herself – Part II

2018. - Copy

The Myrmidon was dark, it’s silhouette standing out starkly against the reflection of the star’s blue light illuminating the moon’s surface.

The vessel was in a decaying orbit around the third moon of the failed star/gas giant, un-power.

There was a slight lateral roll of the ship keeping the temperatures mostly regulated on her outer hull surface, but she was far enough from the star in system that heat was not the primary failure concern.

System matched the roll and directed her flight path to within fifty meters of the Myrmidon.

She sent the encrypted command codes to eject the existing pod that contained her own deceased clone body.

The pod bay doors opened and the dead capsule ejected out of the Federation Navy built Battle-cruiser.

The dead capsule would be left to drift in space, orbiting the moon.  It would likely be grabbed by the gas giant’s massive gravity well at some point and crushed into tightly packed molecules in it’s super dense atmosphere, with her corpse pilot along for the fatal final flight.

With a single thought System’s current capsule moved toward the pod bay doors and the tiny capsule began the boarding protocols.

The rescued Myrmidon had been adrift and presumed lost for the last seven months.

Relieving System’s mind from the events that followed the death of her parents, the search for the lost Myrmidon had helped distract her from the trauma it had wrought on her soul.

Several times System had entertained thoughts of just bio-massing all of her clones and ending it all… just to be free of the melancholy that had fallen on her mental faculties.

Despondent she had reach out to her childhood friends, Jason and Tristan, who had helped her move past these thoughts and feelings, and find new hope in life after the tragic loss.

Finding the Myrmidon and mounting it’s rescue efforts had definitely breathed new life into her.

The clunk of her pod locking into the Myrmidon roused System from her thoughts, and she commanded the Battle Cruiser to awake.

The hull whirred and wined for a few seconds and then fell silent.  She sent the power on signal again which was followed by the same sounds echoing through the ship, then falling silent a second time.

Routing the capsules power core into the Myrmidon created a hail of sparks around the pod chamber.  She then signaled the command to power up the Myrmidon, her will pushing all the systems to come alive.

A jump start from the pods core was a dangerous operation and could leave her stranded or fatally destroy her pod and her current clone.

System had practiced the hazardous command sequence for several weeks before in preparation to this exact situation.

One last command sequence and the whirring and wining of the ships core exploded to life, crescendoing in a low rumble as all of the core systems started to boot and come online.

Information started to flood into her mind from the many operational systems on board.

System quickly began moving data into ‘now’ categories and ‘later’ categories.  After about ten minutes the ship was stabilized, then she began querying the Zendaine rigs.

Zendaine rigs where modification to the ship that was suppose to alleviate the need to have any crew other than the capsuleer pilot.  Without their operational abilities the ship would not function adequately.

She had tried for several years to make the Zendaine rigs work on various sized star-ships, but all had ended badly except those she had installed on frigates and other smaller classed of vessels.

Her greatest weakness was her unwillingness to trifle with the lives of mortals.  It was time for her to take on this responsibility. This would be her last trip alone, with only Aura and ALLISON as her companions.

She reached out with her mind to the rig module control sub routines and ordered them to life.  They hummed and crackled to life as she felt the different maintenance systems, power routing subroutines, and mechanical system interfaces come online, all controlled by the rigs.

So far so good she thought.  This was going fairly well, but now the key to this ships retrieval was the Aura and ALLISON programs.

She queued and prodded the Aura system first, and to her surprise it chirped to immediate attention speaking into her mind, “Captain, This is Aura.  Welcome aboard, shall I begin PEG operation warp protocols? Also Mynxee is feeling Woozy today…  I do not know why I just said that.”

“Aura please run diagnostic subroutines on the Aura Core code.

System reached out to the ALLISON interface, but it did not respond.

“Aura, what has happened to the ALLISON command codes and Core data base?” she reached out with her mind sending her thoughts to the ships computer.

“Captain,” Aura replied, “I believe the ALLISON Core code has been assimilated into my own code.  Please fly carefully as war has been declared on Signal Cartel.”

System chuckled mentally to herself, then replied, “Aura is your modified Core code, including ALLISON Core code stable and fully operational?”

“Diagnostic complete captain, No faults found, You should not fiddle around with buttons if you do not know what they do.  Captain, Please,” Aura responded.

System thought for a second then sent the following commands to the ships computer, “Aura please change name, sudo auth, alph phi nine sigma twenty two, change Aura Core code name to Aurason. Comply and confirm.”

“Comply Commander,” replied Aurason

“Set course for wormhole Signature GDU-231 and D-Scan in 30 degress at 5 AU at 227 deg compass, fix center quarter to star suffix 30.2038.430.j022.”

The ship roared to life and began aligning as the pinging Dscan started to send data streaming back to System’s VR Hud.

All things considered this had to be the easiest retrieval mission ever.

Well she still had three wormholes and 63 gate to get back home, so there was still plenty of time for things to go ublong shaped.

Hopefully there was an explanation for the merging of the Core codes of ALLISON and AURA.  Flying with an ill-trusted, non-tested, and unknown system parameters was extremely dangerous.

“Button press test complete,” Aurason spoke into her mind, “So, is that how you fly?  Pressing unlabeled buttons and hoping for the best?”

Well, System thought, this is going to get old real fast.

“Aurason, please mute non critical comms, comply?”

“Yes Captain,” came the curt reply.

System let out a mental sigh, and then sent the command for the Myrmidon to engage the warp PEGs.

Homeward she thought…. homeward.