Two Year Signal-versary

Wlm7M8xAlthough we spend most of our time in space jumping from gate to gate and through J-Space holes, I decided to highlight for my two year Signal-versary a few of the worlds I travelled to during my time with Signal Cartel.

I visited the Tri-world Monuments of Aranamarr, the Powerspike of Tre-sonment, the Alcove Settlement on Felixi, the Abyssi-hole on the aquas word of Queasen, Mount BlueTon on Pleasntank, the Halls of Elisimarr Prime, and the Abro’se cliffs of De’clinimarr on Provosi Alpha.

Throughout my travels, revisiting these amazing worlds, I have reflected on all that happened to me, my family, and my fellow Cartel family members as well.

The death of my parents to a Retributionist Capsuleer, the strange events surrounding the loss of my Myrmidon [SC] SB Wanna 1420 mHrz, the marriage integration of my ships Aura program with ALLISON, and many other deeds and tales that took place.

Thank you Mynxee, Johnny Splunk, and the myriad of other amazing Signaleers!

Without the lot of you, New Eden would be a dark and dreadful place.  Signal Cartel brings a light to the darkest corners of space with ‘Hugs’, ‘Rescue Caches/Operations’, ‘Thera transit J-space Intel’ (for all), and friendly good will toward all the races and peoples of New Eden.

Here’s to many more years in the Cartel!

Signal-Versary 2018Photo Montage of the places I have visited throughout New Eden