The Tale of Palman the Thukker


The smell of decay was think in the air.

System drew her cloak mask tighter across her face. It did not help dissuade the smell from reaching her olfactory epithelium. Looking down the ravine she noticed the distorted shape of a partially decade body some fifteen meters down the grade.

She had tracked the second Thukker Assassin to the small frontier settlement just twelve kilometres outside the command center. Once the correct individuals were plied with sufficient isk they gave up the tale of the Thukker stranger that had arrived three weeks past.

The tale went as follows as told by the barman’s daughter.

Palman the Thukker came from afar
to hide himself the town Phashar.

He spent his creds on wine and whores
and bet his isk on a sure wager.

The bet was that he could bed old Haggie
before young Kellman could sow.

For a perfect five and twenty load and
a seven measures of Swol did fold.

What Palman the Thukker did not know
was the anatomy of old Haggie’s chassis.

For she had an infamous pudenda below
which contained a Fedo, fangs and claws.

That lived betwixt her nether tenement.
and would dine on any man’s woody cock
that did wandered to and fro.

The fact that the towns people had already made a limerick about the demise of the villainous Thukker stranger amused System, but was understandable, since the small settlement saw very little of travelers, nor entertaining things, being so far from the civilized worlds of the Empire.

After further investigation she had discovered that the Assassin had been killed over a bet that he had not fulfilled, over a matter of two hundred and twenty nine isk.

No one seemed to know where his body was, but everyone seemed to know how it went down.

The Thukker Assassin’s name was Palman. He had been drinking and betting and indulging all things for several weeks, when the local organized crime boss had put out a collection on him.

“The isk he owes, or his life, which ever can be attained,” was what the boss had decree’d.

Nine thug henchmen died at the Thukker’s intoxicated hands that night, before a tenth, eleventh, and twelfth man were able to shoot enough holes in his chest, collecting the twenty five isk bounty.

System’s scans had finally detected decomposing matter two kilometers outside the town.

Sliding down the embankment, she came to a stop on a boulder just overlooking the body. Kneeling she pulled her cloak aside and de-holstered the sensor probe from her left leg and stuck it into the decaying body’s upper thigh. The probe buzzed and clicked and after a few seconds a bio tag id was confirmed as matching the same genetic signature that was left at the scene of the crime back on Oris.

Satisfied that the body was indeed one of the three perpetrators that had killed her father and mother, System holstered the probe and then drew the family blade Heosphorou from it’s sheath belted on her right hip.

Driving the sharp blade into the chest of the body, she spoke the words of purification, “Thukker Pish. Blood Vi Cunt. You have no name. Your death means nothing. Suffer eternal.”

She pulled the blade out of the decomposing body, wiped the blade across the heel of her cloak. Next she drew the blade along her gloved fist until the tip, the sheath, and her fingers all aligned, then she drove it soundly into it’s leather holstered home.

She stood erect, touched the lobe of her ear and spoke, “ALLISON, my work here is done. Please begin take off protocols. I should arrive at the ship in the next hour and we will be leaving the planet and heading for our last way point.”

“Yes commander,” ALLISON replied.

As System climbed back up the ravine she thought about how she was going to get her final target, the Krusual capsuleer, out of her capsule.

Honor would not be restored to the House Baud by just destroying the capsuleer while she was in a ship, besides that, there were Signal Cartel creedo violation potential implications with this risky task.

System knew this Krusual Bitch had to be coerced into a confrontation outside of the Jovian Capsules that both granted them immortality.  Only with both their immortality on the line, and because of the unusual circumstances,  the matter would need to find a just resolution with both House Baud and the Eve Scout Enclave being satisfied.

Although the Krusual Bitch did not know it was coming, nor deserve it, System Baud would arrange for the purification confrontation to be fair and just.

She was going to need to call in a few favors.

She was going to need the Reni Brahk… and some luck.