The First Sated Blade – Heosphorous


KS-1TS nine was a temperate planet deep in Insmother. System had slipped into the star system by way of a nearby wormhole that had been connected to Thera. It would also be her way out, but only if she could finish the task at hand quickly.

Luck was with her as well, as she had managed to enter the system and land on the planet while no other capsuleer were present in the system local gate tracking node control.

She had managed to bribe the right individuals inside the local planetary government gaining access to manifests that identified a certain Thukker Assassin’s arrival 3 days earlier.

She had tracked him easily as he had been sloppy, believing himself safe from any reprisal so far away from his recent job. He also had an addiction to certain chemicals which were only found illegally on the planet in one or two notorious cities on the northern hemisphere.

Combining search algorithms that System had written herself with this knowledge had made quick work of locating him through the planetary networks.

It was to predictable, which made System feel like she should be careful in her approach of the Fun Time Sukki’s: Many Happy Ending Parlour, Watering Hole, and Soiree.

System had disabled the sensor net that protected the top floor Penthouse. She silently entered the hatch and lowered herself down with one complete silent motion, her black cloak hiding her in the dark corner of the large lounge.

Music beat seductively, vibrating through the walls from the floor below. It’s methodic rhythm heightening her anticipation.

She paused and waited for her eyes to adjust to the low light of the room, then counted the occupants. It was very late at night or early in the morning depending on your intentions, and the occupants were mostly unconscious or so chemically altered that they would not notice her.

There were twenty nine persons in the room; twenty two female, and seven male.

While most were strewn naked across the furniture and sprawled out on the heavily carpeted floor. Five of them were lying, entangled with each other, upon a large glass bed which was floating on a dais at the centre of the room some 52 cementers above the carpet.

System’s sight became quite clear now as she focused upon the bed and identified the face of the Thukker Assassin, his dark naked body, spent, entwined with four Thul-risian prostitutes where he appeared to have passed out mid coitus.

A burning heat flushed across her cheeks, and her breathing quickened.

This was the moment. “Get it done,” she thought.

She strode silently across the room so lite on her feet that not a single person stirred in her path.

She lifted herself onto the edge of the bed perched and ready. Then with precise muscle memory she drew her cloak back from her face and then swept it back from her right side, exposing the hilt of her family side arm blade Heosphorous, it’s black steel sheathed.

The Morgenstern blade had been in her family for over 700 years, and tonight it would fulfil the family oath sworn by her father to her when he passed it down to her on the day of her 17th year.

“To uphold the honour of the Baud House by seeking out those who shall burn eternal, unredeemed,” her father had said to her. It was only to be used for restoring the purification of their House when the most grievous of calamity had befallen it.

She drew it out, then grasping the hilt with two hands raised it above her head carefully aiming the impending downward thrust toward the clavicle of the criminal. Then she placed her right foot upon his forehead shifting her weight onto it pinning the assassin to the bed.

With that, his eyes opened, and he stared directly at System.

Swiftly, before he could speak, with ease she dropped, plunging the blade down at a forty five degree angle penetrating the man’s chest from clavicle through to the back of his spine. The sharply honed blade easily slid into his quivering body sinking some forty centimetres cutting through his trachea, heart, and then diaphragm, it’s tip finding home bisecting his spine at the ninth thoracic vertebrae.

He gurgled and twitch, most of his body held down by the unconscious prostitutes. His mouth open to speak but with his diaphragm pierced he was unable to utter anything.

At the end of the mortal wounding coup de grâce, System’s face came within centimetres of the Thukker Assassin’s face.

Whispered so only he could hear, she spoke.

“Thukker Pish. Blood Vi Cunt… You have no name, your death means nothing. To hell I send you. Suffer eternal.”

She held for five more seconds until the lights went out of his eyes and his body went limp. Warm blood soaked his chest and Systems as well, it’s iron rich smell perforating the air.

She drew Heosphorous out of his chest and quickly now, sheathing the blade.  Then leapt to the ground and launched herself silently across the room.

In a single jump she cleared the hatch and was back standing on the roof of the Penthouse.

From her waist she drew forth a beacon activating the Purifier cloaked about two kilometre above the building. It silently descended and de-cloaking above her.

She jumped again grabbing the open manual entry hatch and pulled herself into the covert ops frigate.

She spoke out, “Aura, engage protocol twenty nine.”

The ship lifted and began to silently rise into the sky it’s cloak coming back online.

She quickly followed the passage way to the capsule chamber, stripping her clothing off as she went. Dropping the belt that had her still blood sated blade into a secure floor locker she grabbed the neural harness and began jacking in.

“Open.” her thought commanded and the pod door flipped up. She quickly lowered herself into the hydrostatic fluid, snapping the fibre connection into her neck as she willed the pod to button up.

The fluid pumped into the pod filling the amniotic sac, it’s warm embrace beginning to wash the fresh blood from her hands and body.

She did not realize how much blood there was.

So much blood.

Was it enough?

No, it was not enough.

Not yet.

The adrenalin began to leave her blood stream and shock was beginning to creep into her mind and body.

She shoved it back, a granite resolve, walled off, secure.

Now was not the time for introspection or relief.

She felt numb.

Well, her mind felt numb.

That would do.

For now.