Tristan Override; Location Agent


Tristan hit the enter key on her Keres’ console.

The two weeks she had spent speaking with location agency’s across Great Wildlands, Cache and Insmother had finally paid off with one of the Thukker Assassins finally being found hiding deep in the dead end system of KS-1TS which was currently controlled by the Triumvirate Alliance.

The fact that the assassin was a mortal being, and not a capsuleer, had made his ability to find passage in to the back waters of Insmother a remarkable feat indeed.

The information of his location was guaranteed to be accurate within 12 hours, which should give System plenty of time to catch one of the criminals who had killed Aurthrian and Victoria Baud.

Tristan had been an integral part of the Baud family since she was 12 years old and owed them so much more than any financial exchange could repay.  Her twin sister Katie and she would have been left to die on Ertoo VI if Aurthrian Buad had not found the Industrial Facility that the Blood Raiders had destroyed after the Orion Syndicate had abandoned it. The orphaned twins were the only survivors of the twenty three families that lived in that Facility that produced BioFuel for the Syndicate.

When the Orion Syndicate had left Ertoo they had stranded over 2100 people on three planets that were producing resources like Water, Biofuel and Oxygen.

For Tristan, the trauma she had witnessed as the hands of the Blood Raider Covenant had slaughtered and bled out her family and childhood friends would live with her for the rest of her eternal life.  The Baud’s had help with that healing of that trauma, not only by bringing the twins into their family, but by paying for the expensive and time consuming psychological neural therapy that was needed to give them back their minds, free from its damage. Even so, Tristan would always be searching for ways to destroy the Sani Sabik Cult.

The twins had also benefited the familiar ties being granted access into the Amarr capsuleer program alongside of System.

Now that one of the three criminals had been found, Tristan set her sights on finding the other two.

Little did she realize how short a search it would be as her ships Aura spoke out, “Pilot, Incoming transmission from, Jason Kepler – Location SBEN-Q, Cobalt Edge,”

“Put it through Aura.” Tristan softly thought into the fibre Aura channel.

Tristan, are you there?  Can you hear me?” Jason’s voice was half drowned out by ship hull damage claxons wailing and the roaring sound of atmosphere leaving a ship.

“I have found the Thukker Assassin and the Krusual capsuleer.  I am sending their coordinates now.  I don’t think I’m going to make it out of this scrap.  Tell System she is flying an Ashimu and she has also been seen flying in these parts in a Gila with Geckos as well. The Krusual capsuleers name is Arachne Daemon. You’re not going to believe this but ….” His voice cut to static.

Aura’s voice chimed in, “Pilot, the transmission ended.  The subspace hyperlink has disconnected.  Waiting your orders pilot.”

Aura, set a destination to the closest entry to Thera and then add a way point for the Paleo station.  Also, open command com again and send a copy of the last transmission from Jason Kepler to System Baud.”

Tristan closed the pod link to Aura and prepared a sleep cycle. It was going to be a long night again and Tristan would need the rest for what was coming.

She reopened the pod fibre connection to Aura, “Aura, only wake me with critical communiqués. I am going to sleep for the next 4 hours.  Engage cloak and run maintenance cycle Alpha Two Charlie. End Line.” Then she closed the link again, and slowly drifted off to sleep.