The Spark, Reni Brahk

Reni Brahk Sev

The Carthum Jubilee Confessor floated a mere 2 meters off the Baud House hanger floor. The MPSR system barely noticed its mass, passively levitating the ship’s 2 million kilograms while simultaneously locking down any lateral vibration that might affect the ship’s 300 meter station in the hanger.

System stretched out her hand and let it run across the metallic surface for a few meters until she reached a placard embedded in the hull. She stopped and turned her eyes up and found the familiar words etched into it’s surface in stylized Amarri script.

“Your first duty is to purge yourself in the flames of your confession before God. You must become ash in God’s hands, for only then may you rise anew to strike the adversary down.”

-Apostle-Martial Zhar Pashay; Battle of Rahdo, Amarr Prime AD 20538

The Confessor, a one-of-a-kind prototype, had been given to Aurthrian Baud by Empress Jamyl I in YC111. It was a gift of honor for the Baud House’s role in working with the Empress’ Declaration Emancipation Decree of that same said year. This did not go unnoticed by System, and the purpose for which she was to use it was very fitting to the nature of the circumstances that had recently unfolded on the Baud household.

System’s father had fit it uniquely with a Coreli c-type microwarp drive, a Sentient type-a sensor booster, four Imperial Navy beams with each having it’s own Draclira heat sinks, and an Estamel cloak.

System recalled what her father had proudly told many guests to the hanger.

“She’s a mean raging fire of God that can burn 800 dps out to 25 kilometers all while traveling over 2500 meters per second. With the Tobias Deca warp scram, the ship, though highly unstable, can lock, snare, and destroy any ship under 25,000 Imperial tons before you can mix your Rum into your coffee.”

The fact that her father was prone to bouts of exaggeration, though he was not far off from the truth, stirred feelings of both sadness at his passing, fondness for him, which inevitably was followed by a dull vibrant anger for those who had murdered him and her mother.  She wonder if this constant wave of emotions would ever subside, if there would ever be peace in her soul again.

Just as with her inner emotional turmoil, the problem, System realized, was in how to control such a beast of a vessel.

If not piloted by a capsuleer with very rare and hard to acquire set of implants, the Reni Brahk would itself become an eternal blazing flame. For this reason it was mostly an ornamental vessel and hence why System initially did not consider it as a viable ship for her needs. But that all changed when she had gained access to her father’s personal vault.

Inside the vault she had found, among other things, a small black glass case that contained 6 small cerebral implants. They looked like most any normal implant except for the red and gold symbol on each one.

The symbol was one of legend, and System did not believe what she was holding until she scanned them with her Trexel Mark VII analyzer confirming the content of each implant.

The symbol on each implant was a combination of a Genolution Core logo, and an Implar Vipre crossed with a Veni Da’ Gar.

Her father had held many secrets throughout his life, and it appeared that some of his secrets, had secrets as well.

It took her nearly 7 hours of searching until she found her father’s personal hand written diary in the massive vault and deciphered the mystery of the implants.

These implants were the key to being able to successfully control the Carthum Confessor, Reni Brahk.

Now all she had to do was warm up the vessel, install a fresh install of ALLISON, install a Zendaine rigs for solo flight, and store some provisions and gear for the trip.  She had a long night ahead of her, and commenced with determination.

Tomorrow she would attend to her parents funerary before leaving Oris.