Knock, Breath

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The Amarrian shuttle had landed softly and opened up revealing the capsule chamber, exposing it to the damp air of Aotera Bou Island.

The capsule then opened silently, as all Jove tech did, and System lifted her naked body from the Hydrostatic pod gel.  The ‘snick‘ sounds popping as the fibre connection cables disconnected from her spine.

She reach down and pulled a fresh dry linen towel from a locker and dried off her body. Slipping into comfortable and familiar leggings and top she pulled on her boots and jacket and began making her way down the peer.

The rain was miserable.  Lightly glazing her face in defiance as it fell to the ground.

She felt a warm heat rising from the ground radiating upward, telling her the wet weather was fresh in the last few hours welcoming her home with appropriate reverence telling of the current circumstances.

Her father was dead. Her mother also had succumbed to her wounds, to which System had received confirmation of when she had entered the Star system of Amarr. Her mother had never regained consciousness.

System thought back to the last time she had arrived at the Baud estate and how angry her mother had been with her… a dry lump started to form in her throat and she wished she had something other than tears to wash it back.

The estate was located on planet VIII, on an island owned by the Baud’s for 400 years, just below the 48th Latitude South in the Orisic Ocean.

It was nestle along a hillside gracing the ocean beach front.  The landing platform jutted out into the ocean accommodating both Ocean going vessels as well as Star ships.

System reached the front door to the estate and raised a hand to knock, then hesitated.  Her face felt flush all of the sudden and a weighted feeling drew down on her shoulders.

The enormity of her responsibility seemed to double in that instant as she realized she was now the Heir to the Baud House, she was now the eldest of her family House.

Being immortal only meant she would hold this responsibility for a very long time.

She was the first capsuleer ever to become Heir to the Baud House since its founding 400 years ago.

She took a deep breath, wondering why she would knock at all, then exhaled.

She drew in another deep breath.

And knock on the door.