Thera Or Bust

Katie and Tristan arrived in twin Raptors.

The interceptors were fit for speed and tank and had a dark crimson paint scheme which was emblazon with bright white emblems of the Caldari House Override.

The two Caldari Raptors pulled along side the Tengu matching its speed.

The com static crackled and a voice spoke forth into System’s mind.

“Hello dear cousin. Tristan and I had a bit of trouble getting to you here in Onsooh. Sorry we’re late. So what’s the plan ‘Dweeny’ ?”

System blushed a bit when she heard the name her cousins had teased her with when they were teenagers. She knew they meant it in fun and affection, but there was still a bit of sting from her childhood hearing the nickname that had so often embarrassed her in front of guys.

“Tristan, Katie, I am so delighted to hear your voices. It has been so long darlings. The plan is to try and catch the J hole in Eshwil just 4 gates from here. My initial scans shows the J hole is a Thera class hole, so we should be in Paleo this evening. We will meet Jason there and head out for the Epicenter in the morning, Paleo time.”

Jason Kepler was a childhood friend of the three women. Each of the twins, and System had vied for his attention and affections at one time or another in their teen years. Later after he had returned from the Federal Navy Academy at the age of 28 they realized they would just have to share him. They had all given up on capturing’ him, deciding to keep things close together without commitments and had somehow found a way to not split and divide themselves against his intentions.

He of course loved them all dearly and enjoyed their attention, but in a stroke of unusual cultural genius found away to not make any of them feel jealous of each other.

System had stayed a bit distant from Jason because of the situation at the Khanid Transport Storage Station near planet ten in Bashyam. But the Override twins, she hoped, would never find out about that. At least she knew he would never tell them.

“Katie,” System thought into her coms, “Why don’t you go ahead and scout out the star systems in front of us en-route to Eshwil. Tristan, you stay behind a bit and follow us. If we do this by the numbers, we should be able to move this 4 billion isk in cargo without incident. I will be cutting you both in for a quarter of the profit as we discussed last month.”

“We won’t let you down dear Dweeny,” chimed Katie.

I hope not thought System to herself.

“Ok synchronize coms sub space carrier… we will leave in 30 minutes. Tristan stand off 3500 meters and engage cloak. Katie, head out now. I will be engaging my Tengu’s cloak in 2 minutes.”

This was the last time System was going to haul so much in a Tengu to Thera. Too many eggs in one basket was not the risk she was used to at all, but the 23% shipping reward on 4 billion isk was way to much isk to pass up.

She would sleep much more soundly after the mysterious third party accepted delivery in Paleo and paid them.

“ALLISON, Sudo Auth, Engage Cloak in 3, 2, 1… mark”