Her soul just seemed to wither as she lay on the dry bed.

She screamed into the pillow, biting the fabric with her teeth aching, a deep breath… then silently she just sobbed, breathing irregularly.

The eveMail was open on her bedside screen, mocking her existence.

Coordination Axis 38234.3.542.3522.2

To: System.Baud
C: Signal Cartel
A: Eve Scout Enclave
C/O: Thera XII – The Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics
Type: Institute of Paleocybernetics
Corporation: The Sanctuary

From: House of Baud, Amarr
C/O: Third Scribe Shivan of the Primary Vese

Dearest System,

My sincerest apologies on this time of sorrow for the House of Baud and you their Eldest Daughter, Princess of Glaiset, Heir to the Command of House Baud.

On 21.11.YC119 your father, Aurthrian Baud, was found dead in his chamber.

The specific nature of his death and the surrounding circumstances will be available to you, on your arrival, at the Primary Baud Estate in Amarr.

At this time the house authorities believe his death will be classified as under ‘unusual circumstances, pending further investigation’.

Your mother was also found injured, unconscious, and in critical condition. She is currently under medical care at the Uliran Medical Center on Amarr VIII.

Please make haste, travel and find your way home for you have urgent matters to attend to as the new Heir of House Baud, as until a time that your mother recovers.

With much displeasure,

Pinn Rhal
House Chief Scribe and Conduit

System felt like space was squeezing in on her heart as she lie for what seemed hours cursing her fool hearty personal ambitions.

She knew she should have stayed closer to home. She had not… the thought faded from her mind.

No, she thought, willing herself to rise.

Partially on auto pilot, partially with determination, she left the chamber and walked down the passage to her Pod. Touching her ear lobe she queued the coms to her ship.

“ALLISON, please prepare for departure and Inform Tristan, Katie, and Jason that I have urgent matters to attend to in Amarr and will have to meet them another time. ALLISON, I plan to depart immediately, please prep my pod. Set Destination for Amarr VIII and please contact Eve-Scout for the nearest J hole exit from Thera. Oh, and ALLISON, Let’s take the Pacifer this time.”

System’s tears mixed with the Hydrostatic fluid as she submersed herself, her thoughts wandered fondly through her past… her father, The first love of her life… gone.