The Sword: The Blade


The sword sang as it dripped with blood.

System tightened her grip in exhilaration, the long blade balanced in her hand belied its weight as it hung down in anticipation.

System had spent the last 3 hours hunting her prey.

Often capsuleers were thought of as pilots of star ships that travelled through space, to the exclusion of them doing anything else.

The truth was much more dirty, pungent, and gritty.

The wrong this being had wrought on her was immeasurable, and begged for her rule, and swift punishment.

She kneeled low bending her knees deep and inhaled trying to get a faint odour of its blood trail.

Thomas her Rhonian-Sting blade had been so sharp that that first cut went almost unnoticed for a few seconds while the Daugarian looked around frantically for the source of the ‘whisp’ sound the blade had made slicing through the air, almost unhindered by it’s flesh.

If she had lunged a little further it would have been fatale, but her ancient Bushido training had taught her not to over commit and lose ones balance.

Staying in balance with the sword was the key to control of its hidden lethality.

She followed the wounded alien for another 30 minutes until she found it cowering in a passage way near the ammunition battery.

She felt no pity, and only a sure calm that this fight would be finally over.

The Daugarian look up suddenly seeing the immortal shift out of the darkness and heard a ‘swoosh zing’ sound and a flash of light. A faint ‘Urgle’ came out of its throat as its head fell from its body.

The rat would no longer plague System’s dreams, scratching in the bulk head behind her dry cabin bed.

Daugaian rats were the worst as they lay their eggs in the warm cavities of mammals and then furiously mated with their offspring to produce more. They were seemingly unstoppable.

System jaunted down the corridor returning to the pod chamber.

“ALLISON, please continue to scan for rats as I commence the med scan of myself,” she said as her hand danced along the console setting the med bots parameters.

She then wiped clean Thomas and ‘slink’, slid him back into his sheath which hung on the back of the console chair.

As she lay onto the med bay table she wondered if her ship would ever be free of these infernal creatures.

The whirring of the med bot arms began to sound as they moved about her abdomen scanning, masking the faint scratching sound that came from somewhere deep in the hull.