The Hydro-static Gel had a chill to it

The Hydro-static Gel had a chill to it.

It was way too cold and System knew if she slipped into it, it would take her breath away.

The pieces were coming together. For the last few weeks she had been in J space the list of seemingly pristine, but failing components in her Lachesis grew long.

First it was the lighting systems, they seemed to diminish about 1.4% every 24 hours. She hadn’t even noticed until the fourth day the logs said they were dimming.

Then the millisecond blip synchronization swing that spread from monitor to monitor, always just in the corner of her peripheral vision.

Although the heating conduit for the Pod Goo was the most annoying failure there were some close contenders. The mysterious locking of bulkhead passage way doors half open, the almost inaudible white noise that she could never quite find the source of. And then there was the false alarms; the hull damage below 50%, the locked on alarm sounding for 1.5 seconds, and the Capsule imminent eject cycle alarm. All of them sounding, but with no source or reason to sound. She had not seen another ship in months.

The most distressing was the Capsule eject alarm. At the time she had been out of the Capsule feeding her Fedo as the auto food dispensers were not responding. The thought of losing control of her beautiful ship and the realization, instantly, that her immortality would be lost was enough to make her feel like she would never get out of her pod again.

It was daunting, and something had to be done.

“System, this is Jason copy 529 Omega Whiskey 5, are you there?” The comms came over the ship. At least ALLISON was still working and relaying communication from the pod to the ship wide speakers.

System did not mind the ship wide speakers sounding off as there was no one else aboard. Even with a Capsuleer piloting the Lachesis, there were usually around 40 or 50 crew aboard, but with the Zendaine Rigs, System was able to control every single aspect of the ship without a crew… or so she thought. She was now kicking herself for dismissing her crew back in K space.

“Jason, I am here… Allison – Sudo Auth. Prepare the ship to ship docking protocols. Jason, it will be about 10 minutes and we will get you aboard to check these Zendaine Rigs.” She croaked realizing she had not spoken to a real other person in 3 weeks.

“Copy that System… Jason’s FIX ALL Malware Removal and Pest Control is her to assist you.”

System looked out of the portal to see the slick Navy Issue Exequror pull alongside her ship, the motto blazed across her hull in 9 meter high letters: “Jason’s FIX ALL – K to J Space, We Can Fix Anything, Terms and Conditions Apply”