Narrow the probe fly’s that gets the signature

It was out there… somewhere. In my mind it felt like a word you just can’t remember. On the tip of my tongue they used to say, just out of sight, just in the foggy parts of one’s brain.

With a few thoughts I refocused the probes and reduced there scan vicinity to nearly 0.5 AU breadth. The synthesized sound of the probes warp signature and scan mechanism was like a warm familiar soothing heat across my face, shoulders, and back.

“84.7% Scan resolution.” ALLISON reported in my head.

“Ok,” I thought, “Redefine Scan Area to 0.25 AU.” Again the sounds filled my temple.

Sound in a pod is an interesting thing. It actually is not physical sound traveling thorough the capsule and the Abiotic Neural Gel. The only real sounds that physically come through the capsule are the physical hums and creaks of the ship itself. My mind has nearly complete disassociated those sound. The ones I am speaking about are chemo-electrically triggered ones in the primary auditory cortex which is in the superior temporal gyrus of the temporal lobe and extends into the lateral sulcus and the transverse temporal gyri.

Please ignore my nerdy fascination with the inner workings of the brain.

Basically my parietal and frontal lobes are stimulated specifically as if my cochlea had received sound waves even though none are present.

“98.925% Scan Resolution.” ALLISON said almost sounding apologetic.

“Damn!” I thought. My probes were at their peak performance, I was not going to get any closer.

For a moment I thought I would just pack them back up and head off to check out the wormhole I had scanned down early.

But then a memory flooded into my mind. The memory was of an old friend of mine J. Splunk. He had showed me once how to realign the probes “Spherio” alignments to get an extra kick in resolution. It really only works in this exact situation.

“ALLISON, sudo authorization alpha 6 tango 723 oscar mike, lock and tighten 18 degrees probes 1 through 8.” the mental command left my mind.

I’ll have to send J a thank you bouquet of Pricillion flora if this works.

“100% Scan Resolution, warp to available. Do you want me to Save FUJ 938720-9 to your memorative marks?”

Oh ALLISON, what would I do without you?