Finding Herself

Blood dripped from her arm.

Strangely the instinct to stay alive was not diminished when one knew they were immortal, it just made it easier to take the risks… This was only true when a Capsuleer was plugged into their capsule.

But she was not in her capsule. This was for real, this was forever. If she lost conscience now she may not make it back up to her pod. Her pod was safely, comfort, and enticed her to do things she would never do outside it.

Her leg was broken. Her head hurt. She had a 30cm gashes in her arm dripping blood, her rib cage ached on her left side, and a large purple bruise was forming on her upper thigh.

System summoned all the strength she had to reach up to grasp at the conduit above her… then darkness engulfed her.

“Commander. Commander can you hear me?” ALLISONS voice was stimulating System from a groggy unconscious state.

“When I noticed you bio signs had reduced to dangerous levels I re-tasked the internal maintenance drones to go looking for you in Engineering. You appear to have fallen down a cooling cowling vent and are located about 24 meters from the hatch.” ALLISON droned on. She must have noticed System’s brain was now in a cognitive state, but had failed to realize that System was not yet able to place all the mental pieces together.

She continued, “I hope you do not mind Commander, I used some of the Nanites from cargo bay 2d to reprogram the maintenance bots so I could task them to retrieve you from your location, and recall you to the capsule in the event your life signs began to terminate.”

System drifted back into blurry darkness.

The maintenance bots reached her 3 minutes later.

Grabbing her arms and legs the two bots managed to secure her limp body between them and began ascending back toward the hatch.

An eternity seemed to pass.

The light piercing Systems eyes awakening her. She suddenly realized she was immobile and the light was in her mind not her eyes. She could feel her toes arch and her arms stiffen, memories started to flood back in to the crevices of her mind. ALLISON, The broken warp coupler, her fall, and something about ALLISON stealing her Nanites. Then everything seemed to snap together.

She had just awoken in a new clone.

A communique was awaiting her and she signalled it mentally to open and read.

“Dear Commander, Something truly unique has happened.” It was the sweet familiar sound of ALLISON reading to her mind.

“After your fall, your body was severely damaged. I managed to re-task our two internal maintenance bots with a little help from your Nanite supply and tasked them to retrieve you and place you back, in your capsule, in the hopes that your pod would re-link with the clone integration system, so if I was unsuccessful with my medical routines you would be saved.

“If you are reading this then you have been successfully re-linked and awoken in a new pristine clone body.

“The unique component of this is your last deceased clone body is located in you capsule, which is located in your Myrmidon, which is currently adrift in the J space listed coordinates which can be found in the secure enclave section of this communique.

“Before your vital signs were lost I managed to get your consciousness re-acquainted with the Clone Neural Net.

“I will be awaiting your return Commander and looking forward to you meeting yourself.

“Safe Journeys in your endeavour to recover the “[SC] SB Wanna 1420 mHrz … ~ ALLISON”

“Well,” thought System “At least I know what my next adventure will be.

She smile and drifted back to sleep dreaming of what ship she would buy and fit to use in finding herself.