Solitude was healing for the soul

Solitude was healing for the soul.

System had always felt this, but her resistance to relying on others was beginning to be too dangerous.

She had had too many nearly permanently fatal encounters in the last two years.

When she was a child, System lived on a small barren world in the back waters of Kor-Azor. Her parents were Aqueous Liquids Farmers on a small planet and System enjoyed the solitude that was rarely interrupted.

When it was, usually it was some traveling caravan of Jeviense droid recyclers and entrepreneurs, which travelled across the desert lands in large mobile domicile structures, repairing and selling PAAs*, SDNs* and many other kinds of artificial intrigues.

So she had acquired the love of meeting strangers, but valued her privacy and isolation, at a young age.

How she became a capsuleer is too long and trying a story to include here, but suffice to say, she kept these attributes into her adulthood and always looked for ways to bend her environment to suit them.

Now, with her desire to go to more far extremes in the universe, she was encounter a stronger need to rely on others – at least when it came to flying Cruisers and larger vessels.

She had purchased a slightly used Crusader to be her companion in the search for her beguiled Myrmidon. Although the Carthum ships were the very embodiment of the Amarrian warfare philosophy, she would refit it to suite her fast travel needs and the ability to scan down the J holes needed to find her adrift vessel.

The Carthum Conglomerate had sold it to her for a substantial discount as the energy turret power modification cells had been damaged in some incident in M-OEE8 and because of their proximity to the Warp PEGs the ship was going to be salvaged as it would cost too much to repair the faulty components. Since she had no need for energy turrets she felt it was a steal of a deal at only 18 million ISK.

She would fly the newly christen “[SC] 1420 Mayday Retrieval” with a crew of 8 that would go with her to see if the “Wanna” could be brought home.

System thought to herself that she would have to find a way to have crew aboard, but not have to see them or interact with them unless absolutely necessary. She knew this seemed arrogant and aristocratic to the Gallente and Caldari, but dismissed it as she was indeed immortal.

Being immortal did have its vices and one of them was the growing sense of importance and disregard for mortals. She could not help it though, it was the way she was raised, and though she battled internally with those demons of civility, she remembered the words of her slave Minmatar Au Pair, “We do what we must to survive. Smile young System, Your future will blaze brighter than any star.”

One day she will have to go back to Jevan and see if dear old Au Pair was still alive.

“Jeffery, please see if the planet Jevan in Kor-Azor is near the route of our first J hole jump.” She said into the ship comms speaking to the Chief Petty Navigator. “Thank You.” she hastily added.

“Err… Is that you Commander? Uhm… Yes, uhm, Yes it is.” he stammered awkwardly. “Do you want me to set in a way point?… uhm mamme. err miss ah, oh…. I, .. I … I mean Commander?”

His awkwardness delighted and empowered her. She would have to make her presence known to him and the other sometime along the way. Maybe not though.

“Yes, and commence undocking protocols for me. I will be in my pod. I am not to be disturbed as I have some things to think about.”

She closed the comms and began to proceed with her regular departure rituals.

This trip had the aire of new beginnings.

Maybe being near other will not end in disaster.


Maybe not.